At Brown Designs, we use traditional techniques, proven over hundreds of years, to hand craft your piece to your specifications and our exacting standards. Whatever you can dream, we will work with you to create: a one-of-a-kind heirloom that you will be proud to live with and to pass on to the next generation.


When great-grandfather Sutterlin moved to the United States from Germany, he brought his skills as a traditional maker of fine furniture and cabinetry. Some of his furniture pieces are still in use by our family today.

Through generations, our family has always been makers. Grandfather Brown was always building things in his small workshop in the back yard. And now Joe and son Chris are carrying on the tradition of making fine furniture and accessories at Brown Designs. A lifetime as a tool maker gives Joe the technical skills and knowledge that few others have. Chris has studied furniture making under top makers in England and has been designing furniture for the past 17 years.